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Cuyahoga, Ohio


Cuyahoga, Ohio
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Denomination Schedule count
Methodist Episcopal Church 60
Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of America: Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States 36
Northern Baptist Convention 34
Protestant Episcopal Church 32
Negro Baptists A 26
Evangelical Church 18
Disciples of Christ 16
Evangelical Synod of North America 16
National Spiritualist Association 7
Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America 5
Seventh-day Adventist Denomination 4
Society of Friends (Orthodox) 4
American Theosophical Society 3
Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod of North America 3
Russian Orthodox Church 3
Christian and Missionary Alliance 2
Church of God in Christ Jesus (Adventist) 2
General Convention of the New Jerusalem in the United States of America 2
Missionary Church Association 2
Plymouth Brethren II 2
Wesleyan Methodist Connection (or Church) of America 2
American Rescue Workers 1
Assemblies of God, General Council 1
Baha’is 1
Church of Armenia in America 1
Church of God in Christ 1
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1
Church of the Living God, Christian Workers for Fellowship 1
Churches of God in North America (General Eldership) 1
Divine Science Church 1
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, or Suomi Synod 1
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran National Church of America 1
Greek Orthodox Church (Hellenic) 1
Liberal Catholic Church 1
Norwegian Lutheran Church of America 1
Pentecostal Assemblies of the World 1
Plymouth Brethren I 1
Plymouth Brethren IV 1
Plymouth Brethren V 1
Roumanian Orthodox Church 1
Serbian Orthodox Church 1