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Hennepin, Minnesota


Hennepin, Minnesota
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Denomination Schedule count
Methodist Episcopal Church 42
Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod of North America 22
Norwegian Lutheran Church of America 22
Northern Baptist Convention 20
Protestant Episcopal Church 19
Lutheran Free Church 9
Congregational Methodist Church 7
Evangelical Synod of North America 4
Seventh-day Adventist Denomination 4
Evangelical Church 3
National Spiritualist Association 3
Negro Baptists A 3
Advent Christian Church 2
American Theosophical Society 2
Apostolic Faith Mission 2
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 2
Plymouth Brethren II 2
United Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 2
American Rescue Workers 1
Assemblies of God, General Council 1
Baha’is 1
Church of God in Christ 1
Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 1
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (Eielsen Synod) 1
Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church 1
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, or Suomi Synod 1
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran National Church of America 1
General Convention of the New Jerusalem in the United States of America 1
Greek Orthodox Church (Hellenic) 1
Liberal Catholic Church 1
Metropolitan Church Association 1
Pentecostal Assemblies of the World 1
Plymouth Brethren I 1
Plymouth Brethren IV 1
Plymouth Brethren V 1
Russian Orthodox Church 1
Society of Friends (Orthodox) 1
Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America 1